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LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans

LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans Review

Not long ago I had a package show up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen from the good people over at Laserlyte. Inside of said package was their newest addition to their catalog of laser training devices, the LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans…

School Guns

PTA Goes Anti-Gun – Time to Tear up my Membership Card

Betsy Landers is a powerful voice in the debate about what is going to be done about our children’s safety What she is pushing for is going to get more children killed. What she is pushing for will not keep kids safe….

Bill Clinton Cautions Gun Grabbers

In a recent meeting with top Democrat donors, Bill Clinton tried to send a message to all those politicians who seek to disarm the civilian population and while doing so he let the mask slip just a bit…