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Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms

Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms

Federal law does not restrict individuals from transporting legally acquired firearms across state lines for lawful purposes. That said Federal & state firearms laws are subject to frequent change….

Pro Gun Bumper Stickers

Not So Stupid Criminals

Maybe police should consider leaving their guns at the station until they’re actually needed for a gunfight…

Guns in Your RV and Camper

Traveling Cross Country With A Gun In Your RV

If you’re a fan of target shooting & hunting like I am, then you will most likely have at least one firearm with you at all times. But do you know the rules & regs on traveling with a firearm in your RV???

Lexus RX 350 F SPORT

Lightbody Reviews the LEXUS RX 350 F SPORT

For sportsmen looking for luxury, dependability, solid on and light off-road performance, the Lexus RX 350 F Sport is a high-value option with family/friend features that remain at the top of its class…

Missouri: Pro-Gun Laws Took Effect Last Week

This new self-defense law protects the right of a state employee to store a firearm in his or her private vehicle on state property as long as that vehicle is locked and the firearm is not visible…

Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States

Are You Violating Gun Laws When You Travel?

One day, you may be able to travel with firearms and not worry about violating laws in other states. But until that day comes, you face a patchwork of confusing rules every time you cross a state line…

2013 MAZDA CX-5 & MAZDA 3

2013 Look at the New Mazda CX-5 & Mazda 3

For running back and forth to the gun range, or heading for hills on your next outdoor adventure, Mazda is booting fuel economy and not sacrificing performance…

Gun Rights Are Fundamental

As a journalist, and especially one entrusted with instilling journalism’s values in our next generation, Sanford should take better care with his profession’s call for accuracy, fairness and always maintaining the “public trust.”…