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Save Maines Bear Hunt

Maine Deception: The Real Agenda of HSUS

Do you trust an anti-hunting special-interest group from Washington, D.C., with a shameful record of behavior? Or do you trust Maine’s bear biologists, guided by sound science? Vote No on question 1..

Anti Hunting Scumbags

Not in Our House: Protecting the American Outdoorsman

Our cherished outdoor endeavors are threatened thanks to a group of people who simply don’t agree with our chosen lifestyles. Yes, they are boldly walking into our front doors & telling us how to live our lives…

Jennifer Fearing HSUS

HSUS Involved in ‘Tail Wagging the Dog’ Hypocrisy

Walking the dog gives Fearing access to the Governor and, to some degree, puts him in her debt. Fearing’s attempts to cast it in non-political terms, smells like what she’s picking up after Sutter Brown…