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Coalition Of Connecticut Sportsmen

Sunday Hunting Fails to Pass Again in Connecticut

The bill with its overwhelming House vote and our Senate count could have passed it easily. Senate leadership, Sen. Williams and Looney, could have called the bill expecting no debate but didn’t…

Hunting Dogs on Point

Federal Dog Rule Should Worry Sportsmen

Under the rule, hobby breeders that sell just one dog over the phone or internet would be treated like large wholesale dog breeders and would be required to comply with federal regulations and inspections…

Arizona Hunter Protection Law Goes to Governor’s Desk

Yesterday, the Arizona state Senate passed an important hunter protection bill by a 21 to 7 vote. House Bill 2457, which passed in the House by a 54 to 4 vote on March 5, would allow hunters to carry a handgun for self-defense while in the field…

Support Hunting Heritage Opportunities Act HR 2834

NSSF is deeply concerned that failure to specifically provide for continued fishing, hunting, and recreational shooting on these lands will lead to reduced opportunities and diminished support for conservation….