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Hunting Lab Dog

Winter Blues: Keeping Your Dog in Hunting Shape

All those hours of summer training are hopefully paying off for you and your favorite hunting companion. But how can you keep your dog in peak hunting shape throughout the late winter months…

Hunting Hound Dogs

Amending The Hunting Act Is No Substitute For Repeal

The results were clear and unsurprising: twice as many foxes were flushed using a pack rather than two hounds, and when a fox was found it took more than twice as long for two dogs to flush it out than it did for a pack….

No Bunnies Died Tonight

No Bunnies Died Today

The other night Maggie flushed out a mother rabbit and three bunnies, but they all scattered and got away. One of the bunnies fell into a basement window well…

Hound Shows

Saluting Our Hound Shows

They are a gathering of the clans and a reaffirmation of the strength and breadth of the hunting community…

Femaile Pitbull

Dog Angel Benches And The Unwanted

Hurt an animal like this dog was hurt, and you will go to jail. According to the movie, All Dogs Go to Heaven. I hope it is true, but I doubt it is true for abusive dog-killing humans…

Grey Wolf

Wisconsin Judge Allows Dogs in Wolf Hunt

On January 16th 2013, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Peter C. Anderson issued a favorable ruling for sportsmen in a lawsuit on the use of dogs in the state’s wolf hunt…

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers; Photo by Dog Owner Kathy Olding

Do I Need A Hunting Dog?

Well, I wonder just how many times this question has crossed our minds over the years – a great many, I would hesitate to guess…

Hunting Dogs on Point

Federal Dog Rule Should Worry Sportsmen

Under the rule, hobby breeders that sell just one dog over the phone or internet would be treated like large wholesale dog breeders and would be required to comply with federal regulations and inspections…

Hunting Dogs

Keeping Hunting Dogs Healthy

Heat can take a toll on animals that are outside—even for a brief period of time when air temperatures soar. No hunter wants to lose a great hunting companion to heat or heat-caused stress…

Two Anti-Sporting Dog Bills on the Move

The unjustified time limits in these bills will criminalize law abiding sporting dog owners and will do nothing to stop dog owners who are abusing dogs…