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Shotgun in the Rain

Ireland to Raise Firearms Permit Costs

To ensure that as many people as possible can shoot it is important, amongst other things, that the cost of a licence to own a gun is not prohibitive…

Hunting Hound Dogs

Amending The Hunting Act Is No Substitute For Repeal

The results were clear and unsurprising: twice as many foxes were flushed using a pack rather than two hounds, and when a fox was found it took more than twice as long for two dogs to flush it out than it did for a pack….

Shot For The Pot's Receives Stellar Support

‘Shot For The Pot’ Receives Stellar Support

Shot for the Pot, is a celebration of game to be held during the last week of October, and the campaign is very proud to announce a series of celebrity game recipes to whet your appetite…

Hound Shows

Saluting Our Hound Shows

They are a gathering of the clans and a reaffirmation of the strength and breadth of the hunting community…