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Fort Hood Welcome Center

Ft. Hood: Soldiers Turned by Policy into Targets

Whatever Ft. Hood does to make their “gun free” policy more stridently explicit, they will only be advertising more loudly that mass murderers are likely to have plenty of time to inflict their carnage…

Unlikely Allies

Unlikely Allies In The Right to Keep & Bear Arms

Clearly the law was an unconstitutional infringement of the right to free speech, and it became obvious when the NRA was joined in its attempt to overturn the provision by several liberal groups…

NYC Gun Confiscation Letter

New York City Begins Nazi Style Gun Confiscation

The City of New York is using its laws to confiscate weapons, the question is how long will it take before the State of New York uses its laws to begin a gun confiscation campaign. It is coming the only question is when…

Catastrophe When America’s Twin Gave Up Guns

The article is long and detailed – and covers a wide variety of aspects to the whole debacle. It should be regarded as a “must read”, if only to fully understand their relevance to what America may be facing…

Los Angeles Times Looting And Fire Newspaper Cover

A Jew Without A Gun – JPFO Article

The police were conspicuously absent and the bad guys, frequently armed with heavy weapons, owned the streets. It was a defining moment in my life…

Gun Rights

Applying Technical Analysis To Gun Control

Washington, DC –( This new article is intriguing, as it is written by a financial trader! As most might know, trading involves strategies and this writing is no exception, it’s just that strategies are applied to data sets concerned with “gun control” and its effects. The author chooses two opposites by analyzing the UK vs […]