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Kansas Dove Hunting Opportunities

2014 Kansas Dove Hunting Opportunities

The KDWPT has announced from Sept. 1 – Oct. 31 and Nov. 1-9, hunters can hunt mourning, white-winged, Eurasian-collared, and ringed turtle doves with a valid hunting license and Kansas HIP permit.

Kansas residents spend the 4th of July outside

Kansans Spend Holiday Outdoors

It’s a tradition for the residents of Kansas to spend the Fourth of July Holiday outdoors, while enjoying outdoor activities such as boating, fishing and camping.

Seagull Free Zones

Kansas Mandating Effective Gun Free Zones

Lavonta Williams, a city council member, stated an ideological reason for the ban on legal concealed weapons: “My thing is the kids,” and “If you’re saying the outlaws are carrying so we should carry, then two wrongs don’t make a right.”…