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Readiness Considerations

Readiness Considerations

There are a number of good personal and family awareness principles that can save your life. Let’s review a few of the most important…

MDTS Offers NRA Range Safety Officer Course

This course is nine hours long and is conducted in a classroom and at a shooting facility. Range Safety Officer candidates will learn roles and responsibilities of an RSO & Range Standard Operating Procedures…

Greek Wrestlers

Dirty Tactics & Grappling

There IS a tiny window where dirty tactics can be useful, but not in the manner that most of the “combat experts” seem to believe is valid…

Small Impact Tool Self Defense Options

Small Impact Tool Self Defense Options

Small impact tools offer a force multiplier and option for carry of a tool in non-permissive environments such as municipal facilities, hosptials and airports…

Tom Givens

Carry a Gun Away From Home?

I understand having a gun at home in case an intruder breaks in, but why would I want to carry a gun in public???