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Montana Decoy Elk Rump

Montana Decoy Introduces Elk Rump

Effective during all phases of the season, the elk rump decoy is ideal for elk that are call-shy and need a visual to encourage them into bow range.

Montana Decoy Moose II Decoy

Montana Decoy Announces New Moose Decoy

Montana Decoy is proud to announce the new Moose II decoy. As with all Montana Decoys, it’s lightweight, easy to use and built from an actual photo of a moose in the wild…

Montana Decoy Goes Turkey 3D

Montana Decoy Goes Turkey 3D

Amazing photorealism and lightweight material, combined with all new three-dimensional construction, has resulted in the most innovative turkey decoy available today…

Flint Holdings Acquires Montana Decoy

Flint Holdings, a leading manufacturer of outdoor products, recently acquired Montana Decoy. The acquisition will allow for the continued expansion of developing and manufacturing decoys and decoy accessories…

FAWNZY Predator Decoy By Montana Decoy

FAWNZY Predator Decoy By Montana Decoy

Predators target key prey species such as whitetail deer fawns during specific times of the year, Montana Decoy’s Fawnzy adds a whole new realm of realism in the decoys I use in the field…