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Plot Partitioning-CP Lablab strips resized

Food Plot Partitioning

Plot partitioning…that’s a mouthful of vowels that simply means keeping crops separate….

Whistleback in hand

Want to Attract More Gamebirds this Year?

Early June is a great time of year to think about getting some food planted for turkeys, quail, or other birds you plan to hunt and WhistleBack is a great planting choice…

Antler Velvet

A Furry Crown – What is Antler Velvet?

Antlers…they have fascinated man since the beginning. Going back thousands of years one can see mans’ love for “animals with antlers” etched and painted on the walls of caves…

Keep Your Plot Clean

Keep Your Food Plot Clean

One of the most common problems in food plots, especially perennials, is weed competition. Weeds rob your plot of essential nutrients, water, and root space…

Bobby Cole resized

The Rented Mule by Mossy Oak’s Bobby Cole

In the tradition of Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard, THE RENTED MULE is a tough and clever caper about a businessman set up by a mysterious criminal to take the fall for his wife’s kidnapping.