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New Jersey Saltwater Fishing

Turmoil for NJ saltwater anglers

A quote made by the director of the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA), Jim Donofrio, stood out. He said that the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA) was “endorsing an environmental zealot

NJ Shark Finning Bill S-1764: All Sizzle No Steak

Bill S-1764 appears to be the manifestation of a scheme designed to recruit supporters by having them rely on emotional thinking because emotional thinking is needed to cloak the weaknesses of a Bill…

Anglers and Hunters Unseat Two Animal Rights Politicians

The book tells of how a few anglers and hunters united fellow outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen to throw two animal rights politicians out of office for creating legislation that would have banned freshwater fishing and hunting in New Jersey…

The Quest of the Eastern Cougar

The Quest of the Eastern Cougar

Connecticut residents and locals doubt the explanation as a transient male in search of a female for what they believe is a resident population of undetected cougars in the Northeast…