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ZEISS TERRA 3x Crossbow Scope

ZEISS Announces New TERRA 3x Crossbow Scope

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance sports optics, announces the world’s first premium crossbow scope, TERRA 3x XB75 with patented ballistic reticle…

4x32 BROWE Tactical Optic (BTO)

A New Breed is Born

BROWE, Inc. has set a new standard in quality, performance and functionality with the introduction of its forged 7075-T6 aluminum version of its combat optic, 4×32 BROWE Tactical Optic (BTO).

A look at how 25, 50 and 100 yard zeros impact the bullet's flight path.

How To Zero Your AR-15 Rifle

Today we’re going to do complicated math talking about zeros, trajectories, and gravity. Fortunately we will not be talking about shooting in zero gravity as bullets would fly forever…