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Derek Jeter

What Hunters Can Learn From Derek Jeter

After watching Derek Jeter’s last game in Pinstripes, the entire post game coverage and Sports Center coverage, several realizations hit me square in the face….

Trucker’s Friend

Imprinting On To A Boy With An Axe

When I became a Boy Scout I insisted I had to have a hatchet as one of my first field-craft tools. In fact that was more important to me than a knife…

Young Adults in Training

Kids and Guns, the Real Story

In world “A” the parents of children not only see it as their responsibility to shelter their children, but it is the responsibility of the government to remove or restrict any activity that could potentially harmful to the child…

Great Outdoors University

Inner-City Kids Feel Impact of Nature

The Federation is taking kids from the inner city and into the natural world through our Great Outdoors University (GOU) program in Memphis and Nashville…