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Para Warthog Handgun

Remington Announces Para USA Integration

In 2012, with a goal of expanding its handgun line, ROC acquired Para USA, a company that specialized in the production of competition, high capacity, and double action 1911-style pistols…

Para Partners with Armed Citizen Alliance

Para USA became an Industry Partner of the Armed Citizen Alliance, a non-profit organization that promotes hands-on training for individuals interested in concealed carry and personal defense firearms…


Freedom Group Acquires Para USA

Freedom Group, Inc., through a wholly owned subsidiary has announced today that it has finalized an asset purchase agreement to acquire certain assets of Para USA…

Para Ordinance P14 1911

1911 Pistol Refuses To Die

After 99 years of service in the world’s darkest places, it is hard to believe that the venerable M1911 pistol has been with us for nearly a century and still remains one of the hottest firearms…


Down Range Television Offers Gun Blogger Weekend Highlights

Down Range Television Offers Gun Blogger Weekend Video Highlights Down Range TV Gun Bloggers have become an important part of the gun writing community. So PARA USA decided to sponsor a weekend of first class instruction at the most exclusive training facility in the United States. Last August, 10 bloggers were chosen by their readers […]