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Rick Perry CPAC 2014

Caruba: Straw Votes and Real Votes

Much has already been written of the “divisions” within the GOP as a strong conservative debate ensues among the candidates who, in truth, all know that Obamacare will be a deciding factor in the midterms…

Texas Teachers Become Armed Marshals

SOTG Radio: Texas Teachers to become Armed Marshals

Gov. Perry supports new legislation to allow Texas teachers to become armed marshals. Are Tritium night sights reliable? Also, we take a close look an alarming trend; groups of Muslim immigrants attacking and beating American citizens who they deem to be unclean or infidels.

Gun Bills Headed to the Texas Governor’s Desk

SB 864 will reduce the number of hours for a concealed handgun license to “not less than four or more than six” and will not include time on the shooting range or the range proficiency exam…

Rick Perry

Governor Perry Comes Out Swinging Against Obama & Fast And Furious

Governor Perry Comes Out Swinging Against Obama & Fast And Furious Washington DC – -( Gov. Rick Perry took the Republican field by storm when he announced his candidacy in August. As a matter of fact, he seemed unbeatable. He did this by bringing in something the rest of the field was desperately lacking – […]

Herman Cain On The Second Amendment

Cain is one of a few Republican hopefuls who have taken a strong stand on issues that are important to political conservatives. But where does he stand on the Second Amendment?