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Bob Kuhn Leopard Hunting

Hounded Leopard Hunting

Without uttering a sound, the leopard suddenly stood up – silent as death – and charged hell-bent…

Sunday Morning Lanford Monroe

Hunting First Light

Being human may not be all the blessing we’re born believing it to be. Along with the intellect comes a fearful load. It grows with the years and can never be unshouldered…

bird hunting dogs

First Light & the Glory of that One Dog

A pup that is easy to heart and ready to hand. That looks you in the eye, licks you on the nose and tells you she adores you as long as there is the breath to let it be…

Legends of the Hunt

Legends of the Hunt

As the old prospector and his friend would quickly discover, a wounded bull moose can be a swift and deadly killer…


America’s Greatest Gun Dog Men

Twenty years as a Sporting Classics columnist has enabled the author to share unforgettable moments with some of America’s greatest dog men…

Muskox Hunting

Hunting Oxen of the Ice Cap

Hunting Oxen of the Ice Cap By Ron Spomer Presented by Bernard+Associates Columbia, SC –( Shaggy, hump-backed remnants of the Pleistocene, musk ox are flourishing on the Arctic tundra. There were no polar bears, and no minus-60 degree temperatures. But there were musk oxen. “On the bluff across the river,” our camp cook said, pointing. […]