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RCBS Bullet Puller W/O Collet

Bullet Pullers

It is not that hard to pull a bullet and it might save you a lot of grief. Here is a run down if common bullet pulling tools used by reloaders and shooters…

Ballistic Tools

Swage Gage Small Ammo Primer Pocket Gauge

Have you ever wondered if you are swaging or chamfering enough to fully remove a military primer crimp? Wondered if a primer pocket was too loose to hold a primer properly? Wonder no more…

Windex the Corrosive Ammo shooter's best friend.

Corrosive Ammo: Blessing or a Bother?

Ammo Retailers nationwide have been beating the bushes for ammo sources to satisfy their customs. A good deal of this is surplus ammunition uses smokeless powder with corrosive primers…

7.35 Carcano Ammo

Bulk Ammo Buying Primer

One definite upside to buying bulk ammunition is the price. Ammo bought in bulk is about 50% the cost of regular store bought fodder depending on caliber and location and opportunity…

Surplus Polish 7.62x54R Ammunition

Surplus Ammunition

Surplus Ammunition prices have dropped slightly but I don’t expect the market to ever return to the days when surplus ammo was cheap…

30-06 Belted Ammunition

30-06 Belted Ammunition and Others – An Update from the CMP

30-06 Belted Ammunition Availability and Others – An Update from the Civilian Marksmanship Program CAMP PERRY, OHIO – -( AmmoLand readers here is an update on 30-06 ammunition availability from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. AP .30-06 M2 BALL: The .30-06 AP ammo that we now have available includes headstamps: AYR, SL, TW, and LC. Dates […]