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Bio Hazard

My Ebola Survival Gear Short List

As with all survival situations you can never be completely prepared, but it pays to plan ahead and stock up now as the listed survival items will be the first to go when the SHTF…

Standard High Cap Magazines

Standard High Cap Magazines – Dirt Cheap

I am prepared for whatever and you should be too, that is why I am telling you to stock up now and not during the next attempted ban, but I bet you won’t listen…

What's the first step to a police state?

How to Beat Back the Anti Gun Lobby

The hard truth is that while nine out of ten Americans say they support the Second Amendment, they aren’t mobilized in the ways they’ll need to be if we’re to overcome the intensity of the Ant-Gun forces…

Take Back America

Screw Em, Its Easier to Be A Criminal

I it will be easier for me to be a criminal, at least I wont be complicit in your work to tear down the documents that my grandfathers gave their lives to protect…

Smith & Wesson 642 PowerPort Revolver

The Five Best Concealed Carry Revolvers

I love revolvers as they are a tried and true design, simple to use and easy to maintain, with just enough capacity and caliber to get the job done, but what is the best Revolver for daily concealed carry???