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Save Maines Bear Hunt

Maine Deception: The Real Agenda of HSUS

Do you trust an anti-hunting special-interest group from Washington, D.C., with a shameful record of behavior? Or do you trust Maine’s bear biologists, guided by sound science? Vote No on question 1..

Anti Hunting Scumbags

Not in Our House: Protecting the American Outdoorsman

Our cherished outdoor endeavors are threatened thanks to a group of people who simply don’t agree with our chosen lifestyles. Yes, they are boldly walking into our front doors & telling us how to live our lives…


States Mulling Legislation to Ban Drones

Following the example set last year by Illinois, which passed a law to prohibit the use of drones to interfere with sportsmen, the USSA is seeing similar bills put forward in other states…

Richard N. Cabela

Cabela’s, Inc. Co-Founder Passes

Richard N. Cabela, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the world’s largest outdoor retailer, Cabela’s, Inc. passed away today at the age of 77…

Dr. John Burk of Santa Barbara, California

The Lonely California Hunter

USSA member Dr. John Burk of Santa Barbara, California talks of life as a hunter in the number one state battling to ban hunting and the adversity he faces from Californians…

Hunting Lab Dog

Winter Blues: Keeping Your Dog in Hunting Shape

All those hours of summer training are hopefully paying off for you and your favorite hunting companion. But how can you keep your dog in peak hunting shape throughout the late winter months…

PETA Drones Used to Stalk Hunters

UPDATE: PETA Acquires Drones to Stalk Hunters

PETA says they aim to specifically seek out hunters “drinking while in the possession of a firearm, injuring animals and failing to pursue them so that they die slowly and painfully, and using spotlights, feed lures and other hunting tricks”…