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Arms Trade Treaty

Arms Trade Treaty Update From Geneva

Tuesday September 9th Mexico City global arms control & disarmament diplomats and civil society groups finished up first-round talks on creating a road map to the United Nations Arms Trade…

Tom DeWeese

The Nemesis of Agenda21 – Tom DeWeese

only patriots feel that passionately about individual freedom, property rights, free enterprise, and all those concepts that make Leftists break out in a cold sweat.

United Nations of Gun Control

U.N. Gun Marking Stays On The Radar

The cat in the birdcage at the 11-year-old PoA is the hidden horror that Canadian gun owners should greatly fear – the U.N. gun marking scheme…

Democratic Senators Oppose U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

Earlier this year, the U.N. adopted and President Obama directed Secretary Kerry to sign this treaty, which does not exclude civilian arms from its scope and therefore directly threatens the Second Amendment…

US Gun Owners: Felon or Free

That United Nation’s perspective is foolish: the benefits of private firearm ownership far outweigh the costs. And it’s not just Americans who know that…

U.N. 'Disarmament' Memo

Rumor Control: U.N. ‘Disarmament’ Memo

The USA has 500 million weapons in the hands of its civilian population. It is a massive dynamic problem for confiscation as there will be those who refuse to surrender their firearms…

Global Warming lies

The Continuing Collapse of the Global Warming Hoax

Despite President Obama’s incessant claims that the Earth is heating, scientists in both Russia and China have been publishing data from scientific studies disputing the Big Lie of global warming/climate change…