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Religious Freedom Coalition Erects Pro God Billboard

US Air Force Airbrushes Religious Liberty Again

Why is it that 29 cadets & faculty members can exercise their anti-religious belifes, but a single cadet cannot exercise his own pro-religious sentiment, communicating his faith on his own personal whiteboard???


THE GENERALS -the book-

In WWII generals got fired when they failed on the battlefield. They also got promoted and given even better combat commands when they won on the battlefield….


USAFA Cadet – Will She Be Safe?

Yes, mother in North Carolina your daughter should go to the Air Force Academy but she needs to be ready to proactively protect herself because at this time the DoD cannot do it for her…

Air Force Rescue Helicopter

She Will Never Be Home For Christmas

Everybody thinks their child is special–but Captain Tammy was. She was a world class Karate champion. Distinguish college graduate, an Air Force officer & rescue pilot and a mother…