One of the Good Guys for Guns & Ammo! One of the Good Guys for Guns & Ammo!

AimSurplus Guns & Ammunition Online is a large, well-designed online firearms and ammunition military surplus store. Aim sells different kinds of handguns, long guns, rifles, shot guns, magpulls and magazines and all kinds of surplus ammunition including South African .308 Ammunition. The AIMSurplus website is updated often and is very easy to shop for surplus guns and ammo. All AIM’s terms and conditions for the use of the store are well explained in a special section that is a must-read for every potential firearms buyer. The site has a email mailing list which you can subscribe to receive all kinds of updates about new and surplus military merchandise, as well as a firearms links section so that you can check out other stores and firearm sites and stay well-informed in order to buy consciously. The online store is very easy to navigate and the newer guns and ammunition items are in a separate section of the online store so that buyers can find the best deals on the latest models of their favorite firearms and ammunition.

Featured Products at AimSurplus include:

A762x54RP Polish 7.62x54R 147grn Silver Tip Light Ball

A762x54RP Polish 7.62x54R 147grn Silver Tip Light Ball

AIM Exclusive! 1970’s Surplus Polish 7.62x54R Ammunition. Considered by many to be some of, if not the best surplus 7.62x54R ammunition. Features a 147grn silver tipped light ball steel core full metal jacketed bullet, copper washed steel case, and berdan primer. This is clean, sure fire ammunition. Packaged 20rds per pack, 440rds per can, and 880rds to a wooden case. Can opener included with 2 can or greater orders only. At $17.95 for 440rd can!

Russian Model 1891/30 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Rifle

Russian Model 1891/30 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Package

Original Russian Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30 7.62x54R Rifles. These Historical rifles were the standard issue for the Soviet Infantry during the World War II era. (Where else can you buy an authentic piece of Military History for only $69.95?) Features the original Russian Codes on Receiver, Bbl & Stock. Includes accessories as shown, though they may vary slightly in size, shape, condition, and color. Refinished to Excellent Condition. More pictures below. At the super low price of $69.95!

AimSurplus has Great Reviews
In addition to a great selection at great prices has many great reviews found around the web:

About my Aim purchase: I have bought from them and, are very nice to deal with. The Laminated rifle I got from them was Number 1.They will hand pick, for a small fee, and I got one like new. – AK Files Forum

I order ammo from AIM all the time without any issues, even picked up my sig P6 from them. Great people to deal with! – XDTalk Forums

Almost all of my Mosins, Mausers, SKSs, Enfields, and K31 came from AIM. They are good people and do go the extra distance.- AK Files Forum

Aimsurplus is one of the good guys out there. They’ll do you right. Keep an eye out for $0.01 shipping. They have them on Pmags and Lancer mags sometimes. Their SIG P6 were also a great deal. – Hi-Point Firearms Forums

I’m not used to a company keeping their word, but AIM was wonderful to deal with!!! I highly recommend their services and products to anyone!! –

We recommend you visit our friends at Aimsurplus for great deals on Guns, Ammunition, Military Surplus and Surplus Ammunition.

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Not so good, not at all. Ordered a matching grade 2 rifle through shipment to local ffl. As described, covered in grease. After cleaning, discovered didn’t match. Their offer was to give refund to non-match price. Not what was advertised nor what I wanted. After back and forth they said would refund shipping. Nothing for transfer fee or time/materials in cleaning. Not even discount on future purchase. They stopped communicating and have yet to refund.

Jerry armes

Looking for chinese sks 7.62 by 39 any suggestions?

hj thompson

I am looking to purchase a walther up dated pistol 32 model

John W. Knight

I am interested in buying the new WPA gas piston A1 upper in 6.5 Grendel. Please contact me when you have any in stock. Sincerely John

Linda Durbin

I want a few Mosin Nagants with ammo.


I am very interested in getting one fully functional Russian Model 1891/30 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Package and ammo for it do you have it in stock? and the ammo too are the prices for reall?