Audience On The Outdoor Trails Network Radio Program Exceeds 4 Million

Audience On The Outdoor Trails Network Radio Program Exceeds 4 Million

Great American Outdoor Trails Radio

GAOT has 761 Affiliate Host Websites that have the program available for viewing on their site. GAOT can also be heard on i-tunes, GAOT began illustrating its podcasts with images and video on; it was an instant success. GAOT now has the ability to hold the attention of its audience with audio as well as images and video. Additionally, GAOT can now take viewers to the point of purchase during each broadcast.

Jim Ferguson Great American Outdoor Trails Radio

GAOT is hosted by talk show radio personality Jim Ferguson. He's an award winning writer who in 2000 won the Kansas Press Associations' Excellence in Journalism Award. In 2005 the Outdoor Writers Association of America awarded him a First and Second Place award in their national competition and in 2006 two third place awards in their national competition.

Jim's broadcasting and writings draw upon more than 47 years of hunting and fishing experiences. His photographs have been covers on Texas Bass Magazine, Ohio Magazine, Oil & Gas Journal, Northeast Oil Reporter, Gulf Coast Oil World, and on several outdoor publications. He has been an outdoor writer for over 30 years writing for several outdoor publications like Outdoor Life, Premission to Hunt, Christian Outdoorsman and Texas Bass.

Please visit the Great American Outdoor Trails Radio to hear their most recent radio pod cast.

Media Contact: Jim Ferguson (785) 846-7844 or [email protected]

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