BOG Gear Introduces Camo to Product Lines

BOG Gear Introduces Camo to product Lines

BOGgear Shooting Sticks

BOG CLD Head: A newly designed “Universal Shooting Rest” which accommodates all types of gun stocks and still swivels 360Â ° – exclusive to BOG-PODs.

Camo Feet: An improved all-terrain foot system for added stability and use on any surface. Includes a brand new camo travel bag complete with accessory pocket and allen wrenches for adjusting leg locks and shooting rest tension. You can customize and maintain the feel of your sticks at any time.

All BOGgear shooting sticks are 100% guaranteed and are built to withstand the rigors of the field with the highest quality materials – top to bottom. A steady shot is a better shot, and the best tool to steady your shot – just got better!

Camo BOG-PODS: Avid hunters from around the globe are now using the popular BOG-POD Red Legged Devil (RLD) line of shooting sticks with tremendous success. Now, due to popular demand, BOGgear introduces its new line of camouflaged pro grade shooting sticks; The BOG-POD Camo Legged Devils (CLD). Loaded with many new features, this new CLD series (Model CLD3 – tripod, and CLD2 – bipod) are sure to take the modern day shooting stick to a level never seen before.

Features Include:

Fully camouflaged legs using the newest and most popular pattern to hit the market in years – NEXT Camo’s New G1 pattern. The camo is applied with a brand new, patented technology to assure a finish that is not only long wearing and highly scratch resistant, but it’s also absolutely glare free.

BOG CLD Scale Leg Lock: Professional style lever locks on all leg sections – which along with a printed inch scale on the center legs – guarantee the fastest and quietest height adjustment possible under any field condition. A first in the industry for this high tech combo.

For more information, check out the BOGgear website at or call 1-877-BOG-PODS (1-877-264-7637)

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