Expansion Of Bismuth Ammunition Production Announced By American Elements

Expansion Of Bismuth Ammunition Production Announced By American Elements

Los Angeles, California — American Elements announced the further expansion of its bismuth metal facilities to meet growing demand for the metal in non-lead bullets and ammunition.

The new production capacity will affect deliveries beginning in October ’08. Recent changes in state and local laws requiring that lead-free ammunition projectiles be used for hunting game in certain restricted areas has increased demand for various forms of the metal, including as shot, granules and needles. American Elements now offers all three in 99.99% purity. For example, last December the California Department of Fish and Game modified its authorized methods for hunting certain big game, including deer, bear and elk in its condor range to lead-free ammunition projectiles only.

The increased capacity will also expand American Elements’ production of all its bismuth-related products including bismuth-containing alloys, bismuth oxide, other bismuth compounds, such as bismuth chloride, bismuth carbide and bismuth nitrate, nanomaterials, such bismuth oxide nanopowder and bismuth nanoparticles, and thin film coating materials for evaporation and deposition such as bismuth sputtering targets, bismuth rod, pellets and foil ammunition.

For further technical and pricing information on American Elements’ products, please visit us at http://www.americanelements.com?ammoland or contact your local American Elements distributor or American Elements U.S. corporate headquarters at ( 1 )310-208-0551, FAX ( 1 )310-208-0351 and [email protected] American Elements is America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of engineered and other advanced material ammunition with distribution offices in Europe, Asia, South America, and India.

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