Henry Repeating Arms Supports Youth Shooting Sports Alliance

Henry Repeating Arms Supports Youth Shooting Sports Alliance

Henry Repeating Arms

October 27 – The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA) recently announced that the Henry Repeating Arms Company has donated legendary Henry rifles in support of the youth shooting sports programs offered by the Hunter Education Shooting Range Facility in Fairbanks, Alaska and the Montana 4-H Shooting Sports. These priority programs were among those recommended by an industry panel convened to review proposals submitted by youth organizations in response to last summer's National Youth Shooting Sports Program Needs Assessment conducted by YSSA.

The Hunter Education Shooting Range Facility, managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, serves as the hub of firearms safety and education training for the shooting sports in Interior Alaska. The facility reaches more than 20,000 people each year, including more than 5,000 youth, with their various programs and events. As budgets are reduced and utility costs sky rocket, their ability to provide adequate equipment and supplies to continue with and expand their programs is severely impacted.

The Program requested the assistance of the YSSA to acquire a diverse inventory of shooting sports equipment to continue their valuable youth-oriented programs and assist in expanding to reach more youth in the community. Among the equipment requested were twelve Henry Mini Bolt Youth .22 rifles with the orange stock option to complement the adult models previously purchased by the program. Henry Repeating Arms generously fulfilled this need by donating all of the rifles requested.

The Henry Mini Bolt Youth .22 is the perfect rifle for introducing youngsters to shooting and hunting. The Mini Bolt is ideally proportioned for small-framed shooters. The U.S.A Olympic Shooting Team was so impressed by its kid-friendly performance and bull's eye-punching accuracy, they named it the Official Youth Rifle of their program.

Montana 4-H Shooting Sports is the 4th largest 4-H project in the state with 2,642 youth enrolled. The Montana 4-H Shooting Sports Committee conducts three certification workshops each year in different locations across Montana in order to qualify volunteers to lead county programs. The program's greatest need is to acquire equipment for use at their training workshops. Among the equipment requested were two Henry .22 rifles with 20″ barrels.

Henry Repeating Arms responded by donating two Henry Golden Boy .22 LR rifles – a masterpiece of fine crafted gunsmithing. The Henry Golden Boy is one beautiful classic that was selected by the readers of Guns & Ammo magazine in 2001 as “Rifle of the Year.”

Henry Repeating Arms Company has served as a long-time supporter of youth shooting sports programs. Mr. Anthony Imperato, President, recognizes the importance of introducing kids to the joy of shooting and hunting as our best investment in continuing our shooting sports heritage in perpetuity.

To commemorate the celebration of the 100th Anniversary in 2010 of the Boy Scouts of America, Henry Repeating Arms announced the release of its Henry Golden Boy “Boy Scouts of America Centennial Edition” licensed rifle. To mark this milestone, this special rifle features the Scout Oath, Scouts Law, scrollwork and traditional Boy Scouts of America logo embellishing the receiver, as well as a 100 Years of Scouting logo and Centennial Edition gold filled etchings in the buttstock and forearm.

For more information on Henry Repeating Arms products, visit their website at www.henryrepeating.com .

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance is a 501 (c)(3) private foundation whose mission is to identify and support the needs of successful and safe youth programs and venues that create measurable increases in youth participation. Youth groups and industry members interested in learning more about the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance are encouraged to visit their website at www.youthshootingsa.com .

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