Marlin Donates 30,000,000th Lever Action Rifle to NRA ILA

Marlin Donates 30,000,000th Lever Action Rifle to NRA ILA

Marlin Firearms

Madison, NC -The first Marlin lever action rifle was produced in 1881. Now, more than a century later, Marlin lever action rifles have stood the test of time and continue to occupy a prominent position within the landscape of American firearms. Generations of hunters and shooters have depended on the Marlin lever action rifle for its legendary accuracy and rugged dependability. To celebrate this great American legacy, Marlin has donated its thirty millionth lever action rifle to the NRA-ILA for auction at the 2008 NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. Marlin has chosen to produce a very unique Model 1895CB to signify its 30,000,000th lever action rifle.

“This commemorative rifle is indeed an exceptional work of art,” said Marlin Firearms President, Bob Behn. “The NRA-ILA fights hard everyday to preserve and protect the 2nd Amendment and our Nation’s firearms and hunting heritage. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this tremendous company milestone.”

Marlin 30,000,000th Lever Action
Distinctive Features

* Model 1895CB (Cowboy)
* Chambered in 45-70 GOVT.
* Exquisitely hand engraved by Baron Technology
* Fancy American Walnut Stock
* Adjustable Marbles Semi-Buckhorn Rear Sight with Carbine Front Sight
* Breech and Receiver Detail

The receiver is decorated in textured open American style with liner shading throughout with a fine punch dot background. The top of the receiver is completely covered in American scroll pattern that is bordered on the beveled sides by an overlapping leaf detail while the breech has a continuation of the receiver scroll, ending with a 24kt gold inlay that flows down the barrel on either side of the rear sight.

Left Panel Detail
The serial number is prominently displayed in a 24kt gold solid inlay with deep hand-cut letters. The great American Bison is cut in the Bulino style, and is raised above the field of 24kt gold inlay that makes up the cameo’s oval shape. There is a Florentine texture throughout this inlay that enriches the surface by softly diffusing the light, making the gold give off warmth, without glare or a bold reflection.

Right Panel Detail
The time-honored Marlin Scout is also prominently featured in the Bulino style, and is raised above the inlayed gold cameo. “Marlin 30 Millionth” is inlaid in 24kt gold, into a banner that flows under the Scout cameo. The safety is gold filled to replicate the target used by traditional Marlin advertising and the rifle’s bolt is polished and fine jeweled.

Finger Lever and Hammer Detail
Detailed as fine Marlins have been for over 100 years, the arrow on the hammer adds a distinct “Marlin” touch, and is inlaid in solid gold. The Lever is engraved and inlaid with 24kt gold to accent the shape of the lever and matches the scroll detail featured on the rifle’s barrel.

Founded in 1870, Marlin Firearms is one of the largest sporting firearms manufacturers in the world. Marlin is known for its outstanding lever action rifles, and rimfire rifles and is located in North Haven, Connecticut.

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