New Fiocchi Ammunition Frangible .223 for Training

New Fiocchi Ammunition Frangible .223 for Training

Fiocchi Ammunition

Industry innovator Fiocchi Ammunition is proud to announce a new Fiocchi .223 Remington 45-grain frangible cartridge. Part of a new frangible, non-toxic line of quality cartridge products, this innovative round is ideal for the training market, and in particular for indoor shooting ranges, closed-quarter steel plate shooting, and for use by police departments in tactical training scenarios.

This new Fiocchi .223 Rem. cartridge, while part of the competitively priced Rifle Shooting Dynamics line, does not skimp on the quality of its ingredients. The cartridge features well-known and respected SinterFireâ„ ¢ frangible, lead-free bullets. Fiocchi chose the copper/tin composite SinterFire bullet for this cartridge as it yields the proven benefits of functional reliability (due to the bullet’s molded-in taper crimp), along with uniform dimensions and weight, that all work together to give the user the added attributes of superior accuracy and consistent performance.

SinterFire bullets are ideal for training, since they contain no jacketing or plating, and will literally crumble to dust upon impact with hard surfaces. Since its name and thus its more than 130-year reputation rest on each round, Fiocchi strives to achieve ammunition perfection with every round it produces.

Fiocchi’s .223 Rem. 45-grain frangible round is also the fastest cartridge in the company’s entire .223 Rem. product range. Leaving the muzzle at a sizzling 3,300 fps while generating a relatively mild 1,087 ft./lbs of energy, the new round is still moving at a very brisk 2,812 fps at 100 yards while putting out 790 ft./lbs. energy. At 300 yards, the frangible bullet is still racing along at 1,976 fps and producing 390 ft./lbs. energy. While at the maximum practical target distance, 500 yards, the round delivers a more than adequate 1,329 fps velocity and 176 ft./lbs. energy.

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