TASK FORCE 20/20 MEETS With the Future in Mind!

TASK FORCE 20/20 MEETS With the Future in Mind!

National Shooting Sports Foundation

The 2008 Shooting Sports Summit ended last summer with a commitment by attendees to form a task force that would focus on recruitment and retention strategies for growing hunting and target shooting in the face of such serious challenges as urbanization, a changing culture and lack of access to huntable lands and shooting ranges.

At the core of the NSSF-sponsored Summit was a new three-year research project that is expected to play a key role in developing recruitment and retention strategies. And now the process has begun. Representatives from 26 organizations representing six industry segments came together in person and by teleconference last week in Dulles, Va., for the first meeting of Task Force 20/20.

Out of this gathering came the significant goal of increasing participation in hunting by 20 percent and target shooting by 20 percent over the next five years. “With hunting and shooting facing serious challenges in the near future, these individuals checked their hats at the door and with enthusiasm and optimism made an auspicious start for Task Force 20/20 and all that it means to the future of hunting and shooting,” said NSSF senior vice president Chris Dolnack.

Learn more at TaskForce2020.org.

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