Team Glock Collects Three More National Shooting Titles

Team Glock Collects Three More National Shooting Titles

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Team GLOCK: Three weeks following their amazing run at the USPSA Back To Back Nationals the Team GLOCK Shooting Squad collected three more National titles at the IDPA Nationals and USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals. The past weekend marked the end of the national championships for Team GLOCK in 2008.

The IDPA Nationals were held in Allentown, PA from October 1-5, 2008. More than 300 competitors entered the defensive pistol competition featuring challenges such as drawing and reloading from concealment, shooting from cover points and on the move, use of flashlights while shooting in the dark and other practical exercises. The 18 stage competition required nearly 200 rounds to complete.

In another strong performance which included six overall stage wins, Dave Sevigny won his seventh IDPA National championship since 2001. Sevigny’s decisive high overall victory was shot with a GLOCK 34 in the Stock Service Pistol division with a final score of 184.36 seconds. The Team GLOCK captain also won the High Industry category. “Overall this has been a great season for us (Team GLOCK). We won most of the titles we competed for in a decisive manner and if not, we were in a photo finish runner-up spot that could have gone either way. US National level competition is the absolute toughest anywhere in the world, hands down. I’m looking forward to next season,” said Sevigny. Gordon Carrell (225.69), James Meyers (230.66), Tom Yost (231.76) and Myron Pollard (249.29) rounded out the top five in the Stock division.

Once again, GLOCK, Inc. is celebrating yet another victory at their location in Smyrna, Georgia. “Dave is a great ambassador for GLOCK, Inc. as our Shooting Squad captain. We look forward to a continued successful season in 2009 from this extremely talented young man,” commented Vice President of Sales and Marketing Gary Fletcher at GLOCK, Inc.

For the second year in a row, Randi Rogers took the IDPA Nationals High Lady category with a score of 269.61 seconds and finished 11th overall in the Stock Service Pistol Master class with a GLOCK 34. Randi said following the competition, “I have always enjoyed the challenge of an IDPA match. This year’s National Championship was a great combination of targets and scenarios that was a lot of fun to shoot and I look forward to attending again next year.”

Another notable GLOCK 34 finish came from Ohio police officer Bob Vogel who won the Enhanced Service Pistol division and High Law Enforcement category with a score of 189.99 seconds.

While Sevigny and Rogers were gunning for their IDPA National championships in Pennsylvania, teammate Jessie Abbate was defending her 2007 USPSA Multi-Gun title in Shreveport, LA. When the results were posted it showed Abbate had won her second consecutive Ladies Tactical division national title. The Multi-Gun Tactical title follows Jessie’s Back To Back Ladies pistol championships just three weeks ago in Tulsa, OK.

Multi-Gun competition requires use of three firearms: shotgun, rifle and pistol and consisted of 12 stages of competition. Each stage would differ in its difficulty level, from rifle targets ranging anywhere from 10 to 300 yards, pistol targets that ranged in distance up to 25 yards and shotgun targets out to 40 yards.

With the shotgun, paper targets and shotgun slugs (a heavy lead projectile) could be used or birdshot could be used to shoot at clay birds. Some of the stages would require the use of all 3 weapons and others would call for 2 of them. Jessie used her GLOCK 24 during the pistol stages and took the High Lady in tactical division by 236 match points competing against Deborah Cheek and Denise Johnson and was 24th overall. Jessie said, “Training for Multi-gun is a challenge within itself! You have to maintain and be prepared with three guns instead of one – your shotgun, rifle as well as your pistol. But my guns ran flawlessly throughout the entire match and took me to one more National title!” She also adds, “Taking the Multi-gun title for the second year in a row was a great finish to my Nationals season which now giving me 5 USPSA National titles!”

“Team GLOCK Shooting Squad has been a force to reckon with this year by winning several major national titles and I would like to congratulate them on their commitment to maintaining the high standards set by GLOCK, Inc.,” said Director of Marketing Stephanie Plumecocq. “We couldn’t have asked for a more successful season from Dave, Jessie and Randi.” TEAM GLOCK wraps up the 2008 season at the USPSA Georgia State championship and USPSA Area 2 championship in Mesa, AZ.

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