AA12 Automatic Shotgun – World’s Deadliest Shotgun!

AA12 Automatic Shotgun – World’s Deadliest Shotgun!

AA12 Automatic Shotgun
AA12 Automatic Shotgun
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Moline IL -(Ammoland.com)- The AA12 Automatic Shotgun is a deviating military weapon capable of firing an onslaught of burst in a variety of round types.

Design Criteria:

1. Manufactured using corrosion resistant, high impact, heat-treated stainless steels and hi impact plastics.
2. Design facilitates quick and rapid training. Simple, uncomplicated design with a minimum number of large interchangeable components. Easy disassembly and assembly.
3. No tools required for field maintenance. No special tool required for cleaning or higher level maintenance.
4. No complicated control switches, only a ‘safe’ and ‘fire’ switch. Location of the safety and magazine release catch is compatible with other weapons in the system.
5. Ability to fire full automatic or consistently controlled single shots through use of the trigger only. Also, can be fired easily using only one hand while maintaining target engagement.
6. Design is low maintenance requiring little or no oils or lubricants.
7. Weapon functions normally for extended periods without service or preventive maintenance. Can be cleaned with soap and water. Cleaning recommended every 2,000 rounds.
8. Due to the design the weapon is virtually jam free.
9. Weapon withstands rough handling and treatment without damage or accidentally firing.
10. Minimum recoil – directly to the rear. Non rising muzzle, maintaining target engagement. Can be operated and fired easily by a small stature person.
11. Wide open manufacturing tolerances. To insure functioning in all operating conditions.
12. Weapon fires from the open bolt, to facilitate cooling, and prevent cook offs. Also, allows water drainage from the barrel after submersion. Ability to fire when magazine is full of water.
13. Large and small, easily loaded, magazines and drums.

AA12 Automatic Shotgun

Total configuration and construction is based on factors perceived advantageous for a rugged military weapon used throughout the world. Specifically in extremely hot and cold areas, including: oceans, seas, rivers, bays, and jungles.

More info visit Midamericarecreation.com

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Are these things legial?


What do they cost?


how much will this thing cost