Browning Maxus Shotgun sets a New standard for Features and Performance

Browning Maxus Shotgun sets a New standard for Features and Performance.

Browning Maxus Autoloading Shotgun
Browning Firearms

Browning’s New Maxus Semi-Automatic Shotgun – -( The Most Reliable, Softest Shooting Autoloader Ever!

The Maxus autoloading shotgun was introduced to the Browning sales team on October 10, 2008, in Ogden, Utah. Browning sales reps were able to shoot the Maxus and see for themselves how it sets a new standard in the industry as “The Most Reliable Autoloading Shotgun the World Has Ever Known.”

This was only the beginning of the Maxus roll out. The official announcement of the Maxus to the public is actually scheduled for later this fall. As a subscriber to the Browning eBlast you are receiving word of this announcement before the official launch. There will be more information as the launch continues forward. With the encouragement of the Browning sales representatives, the Maxus video was allowed to be posted on YouTube. Some of you may already have viewed it. The Browning sales rep team told their friends about the video, and they told their friends, then word has spread on Facebook . . . and since then over 10,000 people have viewed the video. You can view it on the the site by clicking this video link .

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