Conservation Put In Focus During Texas Fish & Game Magazine “Dodge Dream Drive”

Conservation Put In Focus During Texas Fish & Game Magazine “Dream Drive”

Texas Fish & Game Magazine

Texas Fish & Game (TF&G) Magazine – Executive Editor Chester Moore recently completed the “Dodge Duck and Deer Dream Drive” hunting deer and ducks in five locations in five days across the Lone Star State.

During the trek, he helped spread the word about two conservation projects: TF&G’s mottled duck and black bear conservation initiatives.

“We’ve been distributing posters all over the state asking hunters to report mottled duck band numbers and to pass on shooting black bears. During this trip we added a bit to our bear project by putting brochures on black bear laws and conservation in key areas of the state where bears are being spotted,” Moore said.

“The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department provided us with 900 of these brochures and so far we have distributed over 700. One of the best things that happened on the trek is that I was in a sporting goods store buying a couple of extra boxes of Remington steel shot when a guy comes up to me knowing about our bear project and gives me a report of seeing a bear in the Angelina National Forest. He knew to shoot the bear and to report the sighting. It’s nice to see the work you are doing on behalf of our natural resources paying off.”

Also on the trip Moore personally observed some new conservation issues that are quite concerning.

“It’s pretty amazing to see the amount of forces aligned against wildlife and fisheries habitat in Texas right now. We’re going to be covering these in the magazine and really working hard to help make a difference on some developing problems,” Moore said.

Besides getting in on some great deer and ducks hunts Moore said the partnership with Dodge makes an important point.

“It’s important in these trying economic and social times where we don’t know which direction things are going to partner with people that are pro hunter and pro true conservation. That’s why we are proud to be working with Dodge to support hunting in Texas and beyond and to help ensure the future of our natural resources for generations to come.”

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