Darton Performance Archery Gear Introduces Revamped Line For 2009

Darton Performance Archery Gear introduces revamped line for 2009

Darton Performance Archery Gear

Darton Archery – has pulled out all the stops in revamping its ‘Built to Hunt’ line of bows for 2009. The “PRO SERIES” models sport new riser designs, laminated Mach 1 E-Flex Limbs, pivoting limb pocket designs and a selection of different G2 Cams to offer archers excellent choices for their personal shooting needs.

The new riser designs give the bows a more modern, dynamic look while retaining their integrity for years of dependable use.

“We examined the competition’s handles with radical coring for strength in flexing [full draw] and discovered many of the bows were questionable regarding the amount of flex under tension” stated Ted Harpham, Darton national sales manager. “Darton did change the appearance of the handle while maintaining the integrity during use.”

The grip area has been engineered to appeal to those archers used to a slimmer design while maintaining “the feel” Darton shooters have come to love. Darton is introducing a new laminated-limb design to power two new models for 2009. The Mach 1 E-Flex Limbs will provide backbone for the new F – Cam design for the Pro 2500S and Pro 3500S models. Darton has also revamped the limb-mounting system with new coring to accompany the locking-limb system that ensures the archer of consistent draw weight and arrow flight.

Darton has kept its foot on the gas as Rex Darlington [creator of Hybrid Cams] has given the CPS G2 Hybrid Cam a quantum leap in speed and performance.

“Most Pro Series bows will be faster than the 2008 counterpart and will be as smooth and shootable as any bow Darton has produced,” stated Harpham.

The newest entry will be the Pro 3500S.

“If bows had to pass a blood test, this bow would fail due to the growth hormones that Rex has engineered into this cam. The Pro 3500S is the Darton Bow on performance enhancers and will be consistently faster than most bows coming right out of the box,” boast Harpham.

This year’s lineup may be the best Darton has offered yet. Don’t settle for an inferior bow, Demand Darton at your local dealer. For more information on Darton, visit its website at www.dartonarchery.com .

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