Flat-Out Feeder Will Attract Trophy-Sized Deer And Beef Up Your Deer Heard

Flat-Out Feeder Will Attract Trophy-Sized Deer And Beef Up Your Deer Heard
The Flat-Out Feeder from Day VI Outdoors may be the easiest and most effective deer feeder you have ever used.

Day VI Outdoors

Columbus, GA – -(AmmoLand.com)- If you want to attract some trophy-sized bruins to your hunting land or perhaps beef up your own deer heard, then the Flat-Out Feeder is the answer to your game-management needs. The patented design allows you to grow and keep mature animals on your property by eliminating feeder malfunctions and minimizing human scent contamination around the feed site. In addition, the Flat-Out Feeder is the easiest to transport, the quickest to set up, the safest to refill and the most dependable wild game and deer feeder on the market.

Flat-Out Feeder from Day VI Outdoors

The feeder height lowers as the feed level goes down, allowing visual long-distance assessment of feeder status. For example, half-height means the feeder is half full. Since you can check the feeder from a long-distance, you can eliminate unnecessary trips to the feeder that contaminate it with human scent and distress animals.

The Flat-Out Feeder’s compact design easily fits on most ATV racks for transportation to even the most remote feeding sites. The empty, collapsed feeder weighs just 28 pounds, so one person can easily set it up and fill it, which just takes a few minutes. The waist-high pouring height makes filling the feeder safe and convenient by eliminating the danger of climbing ladders with heavy feed bags, and the large 250-pound capacity keeps refill trips to a minimum.

The Flat-Out Feeder operates on the natural law of gravity, so it doesn’t depend on motors or batteries, which require maintenance and can malfunction or go dead. The unique design eliminates feed clogs and feeder malfunctions.

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