FMG Publications Presents Check To National Shooting Sports Foundation

FMG Publications Presents Check To National Shooting Sports Foundation

FMG Publications

San Diego, CA –-( FMG Publications presented a check for $16,500 to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Nov. 5 to support the Step Outside program. The money was raised during a raffle at the 2008 Shooting Industry Masters three-gun competition.

Russ Thurman, publisher of FMG Business Magazines and editor of Shooting Industry magazine, presented the check to Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO, during the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Expo in Atlanta.

“Step Outside is a program that works and one we're committed to supporting. Its development of new shooters and the reintroduction of inactive shooters is important to the industry, because it translates to increased sales,” Thurman said.

With the 2008 check, FMG has raised nearly $55,000 through the Shooting Industry Masters, with all the money going to Step Outside.

“FMG has been a phenomenally good supporter of the Step Outside program and other NSSF efforts to recruit and retain shooters,” Sanetti said. “Step Outside has been tremendously successful and we thank FMG Publications. They are a great partner and we hope the partnership continues for a long, long time to come.”

Sanetti also challenged executives throughout the industry to take part in the 2009 Shooting Industry Masters.

“I still don't understand why people who make a living in the manufacture of firearms are not involved in the Shooting Industry Masters,” Sanetti said. “Here's a chance for a company to showcase not only the products they make, but also the shooting prowess of their executives.

“We're supposed to be in this industry because we love what we do and, frankly, I think there is a bit of fear on the part of some executives of being shown up. I would challenge them personally to come on out and have a good time in friendly competition with their peers and kind of put up or shut up – to say, ‘Look, I really am a shooter, I really enjoy doing this.'”

Sanetti, who has participated in every Masters event, first as the president of Ruger and then as the head of NSSF, pointed out that, “You don't have to win anything.”

“You just have to come out on the friendly field of battle, join us and have a great time in the process, and show your support for the NSSF, FMG Publications and the Step Outside program. So, come out and shoot. You'll have a great time and we'll see who really are the top guns in our business,” Sanetti said.

For 2009, the Shooting Industry Masters will again be held in Gun Valley at the Hartford Gun Club in East Granby, Conn. The competition, July 24 and 25, has been expanded to accommodate 50 teams.

“Based on the success of the Masters and the tremendous feedback we've received, we are expanding the event to two days of shooting and adding some shooting stages,” said Randy Mold, FMG promotions director and Masters chairman. “We want to thank our sponsors and companies who donated products for the raffle. We also invite companies throughout the industry to join us on the firing line for the 2009 competition.”

Details on the 2009 Masters are available at , or from Elizabeth Jarrell O'Neil, Masters coordinator, at 1-800-537-3006, ext 279.

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