Pa Game Commission Delivers More Information About Deer

Agency makes presence on Internet-video hosting website You Tube

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission

HARRISBURG – Continuing its ongoing outreach and educational efforts to heighten the understanding of deer management and whitetails, Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe today announced the agency has expanded its website’s deer management section, created a new deer periodical and posted a deer management video on YouTube.

“The Game Commission has made great progress in its efforts to help the public better understand why managing deer is so important to so many Pennsylvanians,” Roe said. “We have developed a variety of products that allow us to reach interested stakeholders and new audiences in faster, more efficient and friendlier ways. Feedback to the agency has been very positive.”

The new approaches being used by the agency include the use of open houses, development of new brochures and a deer periodical called the “Deer Chronicle,” and greatly expanding the deer section of the agency’s website to include many top-notch references, deer photos and even an “Ask The Deer Biologist” section.

In addition, the Game Commission has created a new 30-minute deer management DVD that helps explain the complexities of managing deer, satisfying the many stakeholders who are influenced by deer, and addressing why too many deer are not good for the deer herd, the habitat that supports them or Pennsylvanians.

As part of this ongoing effort, the Game Commission’s new deer management video was posted on the popular You Tube website. Posted under the account name “PAGameCommission,” the agency also plans to provide additional video productions about its wildlife and wildlife habitat efforts, such as posting a recent tour of State Game Land 145 in the Lebanon/Lancaster county area.

To access these new offerings, go to the agency’s website ( and click on either the “White-Tailed Deer” icon, which is a link to a variety of information about deer management, or “Deer Mgmt. Video,” which provides access to the three 10-minute video segments posted on You Tube. (The Game Commission is only responsible for content posted under the account of “PAGameCommission” on You Tube.)

“Recognized as the state animal since 1959, the white-tailed deer can be found from our most remote forests to our most developed cities,” Roe said. “Because so many different people are affected by deer, differences of opinion are common. Although the deer program cannot guarantee personal satisfaction for all people, the Game Commission manages white-tailed deer as attentively, responsibly and responsively as possible.

“As part of the agency’s current draft management plan for deer, the agency set a goal of improving the public’s knowledge and understanding about deer and the deer management program. This website and creation of a You Tube account certainly are great strides in achieving that goal.”

The fall edition of the “Deer Chronicle,” which debuted earlier this year, provides readers with an eight-page newsletter that includes articles on a variety of deer management topics, which emphasis on deer research and behavior.

The website also features an “Ask The Deer Biologist” section, which enables individuals to pose a question to the agency’s deer management team, as well as review a series of questions already asked and answered. As it grows, the agency will use responses as Frequently-Asked -Questions (FAQs) to help visitors find fast answers to the most commonly-asked questions.

Other options in the expanded website section are: a history of deer management in Pennsylvania; general information on deer; links to several past and ongoing deer research projects; information about deer hunting, including techniques and methods; copies of the agency’s current deer management plan and urban deer management plan; information for communities seeking assistance or guidance on how to address deer issues; and how the agency’s Citizen Advisory Committee process works and how to volunteer.

Roe also noted that the agency is planning a third round of open houses for early 2009.

“By expanding the public’s access to information about our deer management program on the Internet and through open houses, we are fulfilling our commitment to enhancing our public outreach and education efforts,” Roe said. “In the end, we are only limited by the revenues available to us.”

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