Gun Owners – Get the Vote Out!

Gun Owners – Get the Vote Out!

Vote John McCain 2008

Manasquan NJ – If your a gun owner, hunter or shooter. You know that tomorrows is a crucial election for your gun rights and the future of the firearms industries.

The choice is clear in this campaign and you need to get out and vote for John McCain.

Barack Obama has very little voting records to stand on but the one he does have is a solid history of voting to take away your gun rights.

You would have to have been buried in a hole to not know that Obama Would be the most Anti Gun President in History.

If so then you still have time to read the Open Letter to Nation’s Sportsmen Regarding Obama’s History in the Illinois Senate by Executive Director Richard Pearson.

If you are voting in a area that has the long voter lines we hope you will stick it out and vote for what matters for you.

As folks who believe in God, Guns and Family we hope you do your part to protect our shooting heritage.

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