Hunt Comfort’s CloudTop Cushion Cover

Hunt Comfort’s CloudTop Cushion Cover

Hunt Comfort

Hunt Comfort – Introduces the Cloud Top Cushion Cover, a technical seating advancement designed to keep hunters comfortably warm. Cloud Top improves seated comfort with Hunt Comfort’s new thick pile Comfort-Weave, which naturally helps regulate a hunter’s body temperature in cold weather conditions.

Comfort-Weave is a new outdoor seating fabric from Hunt Comfort designed to improve your hunting experience. Comfort-Weave is an engineered blend of 30% merino wool and 70% high loft wool yarns developed for cushioning. Merino wool’s superfine fibers give Comfort-Weave a wonderfully soft, luxurious feel, and the high loft yarns provide improved spring to the plush pile. Both yarns are hard-wearing and durable. Wool’s natural air-trapping quality creates a rich, thick pillow-top feel for the hunter while naturally insulating him from the elements. Cloud Top sit pads, made with 100 % new wool Comfort-Weave, are tailor-fit for Hunt Comfort’s best-selling FatBoy and Climb-On cushions.

Wool pads, well known for their use in health care, naturally improve seated comfort. Comfort-Weave benefits include breathability, wicking away of moisture, maintaining warmth when wet and helping to regulate body temperature in both hot and cold conditions. Especially important to hunters, Comfort-Weave is odor-resistant and it is dead quiet in the woods.

While wool is a naturally self-cleaning fiber, Hunt Comfort’s Comfort-Weave outdoor seating fabric is machine washable. Best of all, both Comfort-Weave and Cloud Top are made in the USA. All Hunt Comfort products come with a 3-year warranty.

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