NRA ILA’s Chris Cox Guest On Gun Talk Radio This Sunday

NRA ILA’s Chris Cox Guest On Gun Talk Radio This Sunday

Gun Talk Radio

Gun Talk Radio – (Theoutdoorwire) – This Sunday’s edition of “Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk” will feature Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, and Pete Brownell, President of Brownells, Inc, a leading supplier of gun parts and accessories. Cox will lay out for the show’s national audience the situation gun owners face with the incoming administration of Barack Obama, while Brownell will address the run on guns and accessories — particularly for the AR-15 — following the election.

“I’m delighted to have Chris on the show again this Sunday,” said Tom Gresham, host of the nationally-syndicated radio talk show. “Last week I presented to the listeners what I think is the most important thing we can do to stave off the coming assault on gun rights, and that is to build up membership in the NRA. As a result, hundreds of listeners have written to say they have either joined or have bought gift memberships for all the members of their families. This battle is likely to come quickly, and in Washington, numbers are the hammer you swing. You simply get more done with a bigger hammer.”

Pete Brownell has been active in gun rights for years, as has his father, Frank, and Brownells, Inc., has been at the forefront of this movement for a half-century. The huge supplier to gunsmiths, retailers and consumers is one of the largest sources of parts and accessories for the AR-15 rifle, and Pete will be able to address the current run on almost anything for that platform.

“Last Sunday I talked about the Obama transition team’s web site, which contained its plans for expanding and making permanent the Clinton Gun Ban on semi-autos,” said Gresham. “However, during the show, that web site was taken down. We located the cache (copy) of it on the web and put the info about that on the Gun Talk web site.”

Gun Talk radio is carried on 64 stations, including some of the largest markets in the country. It also is carried on XM and XM Canada satellite radio, streamed on the internet, and is downloaded by the tens of thousands from Apple iTunes Store.

Source: The Outdoor Wire 11/13/08

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