Shooters Ridge Introduces the Gorilla Range Bag

Shooters Ridge Introduces the Gorilla Range Bag

Shooters Ridge Gorilla Range Bag

ONALASKA, Wisconsin – Shooters Ridge®, a leader in shooting accessories, introduces the new

Shooters Ridge

Gorilla Range Bag-a revolutionary shooting platform ideal for varmint hunting, target shooting or tactical applications. The Gorilla Range Bag (MSRP: $74.49) is a sectional, filled rest that can be used in eight different configurations. Available in the spring 2008.

The beast at the bench
“The Gorilla Range Bag is a versatile rest that accommodates a multitude of needs,” claims John Huse, Product Line Manager. “From the LE world to the hunting and shooting sports, this rest brings a lot to the table. It’s simply a rock solid, versatile rest that lets shooters maximize their performance downrange.”

The many faces of the Gorilla Bag
When set up in the “X” position, the Gorilla Range Bag’s suede padding grips the gun and reduces recoil. When rolled out flat, the Gorilla Bag provides an elevated platform perfect for long-range shooting. Arrange the sections in various stacked configurations to give your firearm varying heights and the most stable shots. The Gorilla Range Bag comes filled and features a handy carry strap that assists transportation when bag is clipped together.

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