Sightmarks AAT5G Green Laser Designator is Made for Accuracy

Sightmark’s AAT5G Green Laser Designator is Made for Accuracy
Recommended by the NTOA member tested and recommended program

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Sightmark’s AAT5G Green Laser Designator

Mansfield, TX – When accuracy counts, operators can depend on Sightmark’s AAT5G Green Laser Designator. The green laser utilizes the same design concepts as the recently released AACT5R Red Laser Designator. Sightmark created a highly visible green laser module that utilizes a base adjustable sighting design to create one of the most operator friendly units on the market. Sightmark’s laser sights are intended for use in close quarter urban combat environments, as well as, varmint hunting. The AAT5G Green Laser Designator allows operators the ability to immediately acquire and take down targets from the toughest shooting positions where accuracy would have otherwise been compromised.

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) recently put the Sightmark AAT5G Green Laser Designator through its Member Tested and Recommended Program in which it scored 4.02 out of 5. An NTOA member stated, “It was simple to zero and once set (the AAT5G) maintained its (zero) over the many trips to the range during the testing for this review.” Another NTOA member said, “I had a chance to test the green laser (AAT5G) from Sightmark. It is amazing how bright this thing is.” Both NTOA members are police officers located in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Sightmark appreciates these police officers comments which will contribute to the future development of our laser sights. One recommendation was to have an optional pressure pad switch which Sightmark is now in the process of making available.

The added visibility of a green laser module is incredible when compared to the standard red lasers. The AAT5G can be seen as far as 50yds on bright clear days and over a mile on fog-free nights. The base adjustable laser module is attached to a Weaver mount that takes the headache out of mounting laser sights. The AAT5G will attach to most Weaver rails. The base adjustable design uses x and y (windage and elevation) adjustable Allen type screws that lock in place with the tightening of a third screw. The base adjustable system is much easier to adjust than a traditional laser sight. It is extremely easy to take the Laser Designator off of a close combat home defense shotgun; and quickly use a boresight to resight it for longer distances on a varmint rifle. The base adjustable system takes the headache out of zeroing in laser sights. Additionally it can be used on a multitude of weapons, easily readjusted for any range.

Sightmark has seen the demand for green laser sights grow over the last few years and it feels there is an opportunity to fill this market niche. James Sellers, CEO of Sightmark’s parent company, stated, “The top priority when developing the AAT5G was to create a unit that is easy to sight, maintained zero and was bright enough to see in all lighting situations and we have achieved that and more.” Additionally, Sightmark’s goal was to create a compact laser sight that doesn’t obstruct a weapon’s handling. The AAT5G is compact enough for rifles and long barreled handguns, measuring 1.125” wide by 2.25” tall by 3.4” long. The Green Laser Designator is powered by a CR-123A battery which has the advantage of twice the voltage when compared to AA batteries. The AAT5G also uses a regular push button on/off switch that can be operated with the weak hand’s index finger when in a shooting position. What makes the AAT5G so useful is that is gives operators a critical advantage that allows them a safety net when other sights fail. Operators need no assistance from regular sights to be accurate, no matter how awkward the shooting position. Moreover, no matter how good an operator already shoots, this laser will provide them with the confidence needed when encountering difficult shooting challenges. As the operator’s adrenaline spikes they can trust the Sightmark AAT5G Green Laser Designator to do its job.

Sightmark’s products are inspired by military and law enforcement applications. All of our products are produced to be the most effective weapon accessories possible. Sightmark offers a wide range of manufactured products that include red dot sights, rangefinders, riflescopes, flashlights, laser sights and award-winning boresights. Sightmark takes pride in bringing the highest quality tactical, hunting and competition shooting accessories to the shooting enthusiast.

Sightmark ( is headquartered in Mansfield, TX U.S.A. For more information about any of Sightmark’s products, please contact Bobby Owen with Sightmark’s Public Relations at 817.225.0310 x126.

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