SOG Makes Hunting Knives?

SOG Makes Hunting Knives?

SOG Knives

Lynnwood Washington – SOG Knives, renown for nearly 25 years as the go to source for the finest military/law enforcement/utilitarian knives available has developed two fixed blade models (among others) that are tremendous for hunting, fishing and general outdoor use.

With hunting knives getting more and more complicated and specialized (this ain’t surgery folks) it’s easy to forget we are simply trying to reduce an animal to something that will fit on a plate. When great design meets great materials and craftsmanship you have a winner. SOG has two.

SOG Team Leader Knives

SOG Team Leader is a high-tech exotic steel knife that is a near-perfect design for serious hunting and field use. It features a tough 5-inch drop-tip, one-piece blade construction from tip to butt with Zytel slab sides, lanyard loop (for use over water) heavy non-slip serrated forefinger and middle-finger grip serrations. The ergonomically comfortable handle design makes the light 7.4 ounce super durable Team Leader a near perfect hunting and field utilitarian knife.

SOG Field Pup Knife

SOG Field Pup is a smaller, all-round field knife for the woodsman who knows what’s going on. As professional hunters know, a 4-inch knife can gut out a whale (if you happen to hunt whales in your part of the country). This light, easy-to-handle 4-ounce 4-inch blade (and full tang) features a ergonomically designed Kraton Rubber handle with three light-design finger grooves and aggressive top serrations for the thumb. Lanyard hole, of course, because this also will make a great fishing knife. For something where strength, lightweight and an all-round utilitarian design is desired to handle many field and hunting chores, the Field Pup is the knife to consider.


Model Team Leader* Field Pup
Overall length 10.25″ 8.5″
Blade length/thickness 5 x 0.160″ 4 x 0.130″
Steel DuraTech 20CV AUS-8 Stainless
Hardness/Rockwell C Scale 59-60 57-58
Blade finish Bead Blasted Satin polished
Weight 7.4 ounces 4.0 ounces
Handle Zytel Kraton Rubber
Sheath Leather Heavy web Nylon
MSRP $275.00* $60.00

Blade materials and design: Just 40 years ago there were fewer than a dozen steels that were good for knives. The stainless most promoted was best for one time surgical purposes. The key to a great stainless steel knife is that the steel actually is corrosion resistant, tough enough to resist wear, hard enough to hold a good edge and yet be sharpened without the use of diamonds. The blade should be thin enough to cut without thick blade resistance yet tough to resist chipping.

*About the Team Leader price. The Team Leader is made from a limited-run proprietary powder metallurgy steel that is very high in vanadium carbide. This unique, exotic, high-corrosion-resistant steel will keep a super sharp cutting edge much longer than other stainless steels. This new tough and wear-resistant special project steel was developed between SOG Knives and Latrobe Specialty Steel.

SOG Knives are sold world-wide. To view their entire extensive line and to locate a dealer near you please go to .

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The Sog Field Pup is one of my favorites. Not too big, not too small and has a nice grippy handle.