The Most Complete Big Game Bullet – 270 Win. Trophy Bonded Tip

The Most Complete Big Game Bullet – 270 Win. Trophy Bonded® Tip

270 Win. Trophy Bonded Tip Ammunition

Federal Premium Ammunition – You spend all year dreaming of the moment of truth why trust it to anything less than the best. Vital-Shok is available with the world’s finest big game bullets, from the unrivaled Trophy Bonded family to Nosler®, Sierra® and Barnes. Match that with world-class brass, select powders and legendary primers and you get ammunition you can truly believe in.

The new Trophy Bonded® Tip combines technologies for great performance on a variety of big game. It is built on the platform of the Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw® for excellent bullet integrity and superb weight retention. Its new features include a polymer tip for drastically better ballistic coefficients and a boat-tail design for improved accuracy. Nickel plating adds corrosion resistance and reliable feeding. Available in a variety of calibers, this complete bullet is suitable for any big game in North America.

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