Travel To The World Famous Pheasant Fields Of South Dakota On The Next Beretta’s Bird

Travel To The World Famous Pheasant Fields Of South Dakota On The Next Beretta’s Bird Hunter’s Journal

Berettas Bird Hunters Journal
Berettas Bird Hunters Journal

Accokeek, MD -( Join host Steve Smith this week as he travels with Hollywood actor Johnny DiSanti to the heavily populated pheasant fields of central South Dakota.

South Dakota continues to boast record setting pheasant harvests. In fact, last year, approximately 78,000 residents and 103,000 non-residents harvested just over 2.1 million pheasants in South Dakota. The feathers fly when Steve and Johnny experience this wingshooter’s paradise. See for yourself as DiSanti comes face to face with one of South Dakota’s colorfully plumed roosters in this episode.

This exciting show will air on VERSUS Monday, November 10th at 10 a.m. and Saturday, November 15th at 8 a.m. EST. For a listing of future shows and any schedule changes please visit

Each week Beretta’s Bird Hunter’s Journal lets you join America’s largest TV producer Chris Dorsey and shotgunning expert Steve Smith as they take viewers to some of the finest bird hunting locations around the world. Along the journey, they will meet some of the world’s best guides and outfitters who will introduce millions of viewers to the hottest wingshooting action across the globe.

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