Update on Pending New Jersey Gun Ban!

Update on Pending New Jersey Gun Ban!
Please Continue to Contact Your Assembly Members!

In a follow up to our recent post “New Jersey Assembly to Vote on Gun Ban

November 17th – -(AmmoLand.com)- In response to your calls, faxes, and emails, the New Jersey Assembly delayed passage of A2116, legislation banning most firearms over .50 caliber. Anti-gun members of the Assembly amended the legislation in an attempt to divide gun owners and sportsmen by exempting some firearms while still banning others. Make no mistake: at the end of the day, A2116 is still a gun ban. It still would outlaw firearms based on bore diameter, not on any valid argument. A2116 could be considered by the full Assembly as soon as December.

However, no amount of tinkering can “fix” a gun ban and A2116 remains fundamentally flawed because instead of targeting criminals, it singles out law-abiding gun owners and punishes them by banning their guns.

Please continue to contact your Assembly Members and respectfully urge them to oppose A2116. Their contact information can be found by clicking here.

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Chris Possumato

These control idiots in Trenton suffer from an inherited disability, stupidity. But just not ordinary stupidity, it is a SPECIAL kind of stupid.

I hope that MY NRA takes note of these witch hunters, come election time and put forth an effort to get them out of office.