2008 is Almost Over – Make a Tax-Deductible Gift to Ducks Unlimited Today!

2008 is Almost Over – Make a Tax-Deductible Gift to Ducks Unlimited Today!

Ducks Unlimited

Duck Unlimited – -(AmmoLand.com)- Imagine following a migrating hen mallard on her annual journey south.

Every year, she travels the same flyway, passing the same rivers and streams, but every year something changes. There are fewer and fewer wetlands along the way. Fewer potholes to nest in up north, fewer bottomland marshes to rest in down south and fewer swamps to stage in along the coast.

Now, imagine you can change all that. You put potholes back on the prairies. You put wetlands back on the wintering grounds.

The good news is, by supporting Ducks Unlimited, you can!

Without question, we face many challenges in 2009. Thousands of acres of wetlands are under threat every day—including the precious breeding grounds of North America ‘s waterfowl. And that puts our sport of waterfowl hunting at risk.

We also realize that tough economic times make it more difficult for some supporters to make financial gifts. However, the need to conserve waterfowl habitat persists despite economic challenges. Ducks Unlimited will rely on key supporters like you to help stem the loss of wetlands and preserve the future of waterfowl hunting as we know it today.

2008 is Almost Over – Make a Tax-Deductible Gift to Duck Unlimited Today!

It’s not too late to send in your tax-deductible year-end gift to help us continue conserving North America’s most critical wetland habitats.

And, for your generous donation today, you can choose the Ducks Unlimited Fleece Vest or Tapestry Throw Blanket as our gift to you!

Click here to make your tax-deductible year-end gift using our secure online form!

And remember—if you’re unable to give due to the current economic challenges, we understand and appreciate your past support. We hope you will continue to support Ducks Unlimited in the future as your financial situation permits.

Thank you for your commitment to conserving wetlands and waterfowl habitat today, tomorrow and forever.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays,
D.A. (Don) Young
Executive Vice President
Ducks Unlimited

P.S. Remember, DU uses your money wisely. Last year, 88 cents of every dollar raised went directly to our conservation mission! Support our mission today!

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