Dead Down Wind Laundry Detergent Knock Out Odor And Uv-Glow

Knock Out Odor And UV-Glow In One Shot with Dead Down Wind Laundry Detergent
Environmentally friendly Dead Down Wind laundry detergent eliminates odors and Inhibits UV Glow

Dead Down Wind

Pleasant Valley, Missouri – -( Down Wind®, an industry leader in scent prevention, introduces its 12 oz. concentrate laundry detergent featuring an exclusive bio-engineered formula that eliminates odors, unclogs carbon molecules, and knocks out UV-Glow.

High Performance Odor Control
The concentrated formula of Dead Down Wind’s Scent Prevent Laundry Detergent utilizes enzymes to target and eliminate scent. In addition, the exclusive formula unclogs carbon molecules so it is the perfect choice for carbon suit users.

UV Inhibitor
In addition to its ability to eliminate odor, the formula features UVe – a UV inhibitor designed to knock out UV-Glow. With UVe, Dead Down Wind’s laundry detergent not only targets a deer’s sense of smell, but it also targets its Ultra Violet sense of sight.

Safe and Effective
Because the detergent utilizes enzymes, it is easier on apparel fibers both natural and synthetic and is safe to use on all hunting apparel including wool and carbon. There are no harsh chemicals which can weaken a garments fibers, and as a result its use will not cause camouflage patterns to fade.

HE Washer Approved
The concentrated formula is approved for HE washers. Use 2 oz for half-loads and 3 oz. for full loads – getting 4 to 6 loads per bottle.

Dead Down Wind’s 12 oz Concentrate Laundry Detergent packs a punch. It knocks out odor, unclogs carbon molecules, inhibits UV light, is approved for HE washers, and is gentle on your apparel.

Dead Down Wind®: Dead Down Wind® has revolutionized the scent elimination industry through a bio-engineered process known as ESP® (Enzyme Scent Protection). Through this process a strand of enzymes is created that target human bacteria – the source of human odor. Without intervention your body produces bacteria that create human odor. Cover sprays can only attempt to mask these odors. Carbon clothing only attempts to contain it. The enzymes in Dead Down Wind® actually PREVENT odor-causing bacteria from forming – allowing you to maintain a zero scent environment.

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