Fiocchi adds 9mm Subsonic To Shooting Dynamics Line

Fiocchi adds 9mm Subsonic To Shooting Dynamics Line

Fiocchi Ammunition

Ozark, MO – -( Fiocchi Ammunition’s Shooting Dynamics line, one of the most popular in the ammunition industry, is sure to become of even more interest to consumers with the new addition of Fiocchi’s 9mm Luger 158-grain full metal jacketed subsonic load.

Fiocchi’s Shooting Dynamics line encompasses a wide range of pistol and revolver caliber offerings encompassing lead round nose, full metal jacket, jacketed hollow point, full metal jacketed hollow point, and jacketed soft point bullets. This incredible variety of product offerings has made this line a favorite of shooters for more than twenty-five-years. Fiocchi, never resting on its laurels, continues to develop and improve upon its Shooting Dynamics handgun ammunition products with the goal of achieving the ideal synergy between shooter, firearm and ammunition. And the addition of the new Fiocchi 9mm Luger 158-grain, full metal jacketed subsonic round is certainly a welcome addition and achieves that goal.

Developed for the high volume shooter, Fiocchi’s popularly-priced new 9mm Luger subsonic round, just like all of the ammunition products in the Shooting Dynamics line, takes no back seat when it comes to performance.

Fiocchi’s 9mm Luger subsonic round leaves the muzzle of a 5-inch barrel at 940 fps, well under the sound barrier, while generating a powerful 309 ft./lbs. of energy. At 50 yards, the bullet loses little momentum while generating 893 fps velocity and 279 ft./lbs. of energy. At 100 yards, this quiet performer still produces 852 fps velocity and 254 ft./lbs. of decisive energy.

For more information on Fiocchi’s new 9mm Luger 158-grain, full metal jacketed subsonic ammunition or Fiocchi’s full line of rifle, pistol, rimfire, shot shell and unique rounds contact: Fiocchi Ammunition, 1662 Nevada Way, Boulder City, Nevada, 89005 †¢ 702-293-6174 †¢ or visit

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